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Delivery Information

Delivery Policy


When will I receive my order ?
Once the order has been shipped you will receive an e - mail the shipping confirmation .
NEW : NOW WITH TRACK AND TRACE SYSTEM , you follow GLS shipping to you.
Shipping to Europe ?
Standard = Belgium
Zone 1 = Germany , Luxembourg , Netherlands .
Zone 2 = Denmark ( excl.Faeröer and Greenland ) , France , Austria .
Zone 3 = Great Britain , Hungary , Italy , Poland , Slovenia , Slovakia , Switzerland .
Zone 4 = Finland , Ireland , Romania , Spain , Sweden .
Zone 5 = Bulgaria , Estonia , Leetland , Lithuania , Norway , Portugal .
Zone 6 = Greece , Turkey .
Zone 7 = Malta , Cyprus ( EU) .
Additional costs may include: Island surcharge , Customs Fees etc.
What is an order ?
Through your "Best Sale" account and email we keep you informed about the progress of your order .
E-mail confirmation
The moment your order is successfully placed , you will receive an order confirmation by email . If you do not receive confirmation after ordering , please check your spam folder . The order is also reflected in your "BestSale" account. In case the order here is not reflected, please contact
Shipping confirmation by email
When ordering an article you receive once the package is shipped , a shipping confirmation e - mail .
In the shipping confirmation the delivery address where your order is sent. This can not be adjusted.
Can I change the delivery address of my order ?
As long as your order has not been shipped,it is possible to change the address via the ' ' With all necessary information , customer name , order number. Once your order has been sent , the address can not be changed .
We advise you to choose the delivery address carefully.For delivery to Business ,it is important to mention the  company name and the  department in the additional address lines .
It is not possible to deliver Orders mailboxes off
Can I pick up my order?
                Showroom open Monday to Friday , from 9:30 to 17:00 , Saturday and Sunday by appointment .
                Unexpectedly need something , we can be reached 7 days 7 from 8.30 to 19.30 by e-mail or telephone .
How much are the shipping costs ?
See website ,It  is listed on the front page .
You pay shippingcosts per order , even if the order is delivered in several package.
Can I combine several or several orders in one package?
It is possible to combine several different orders ordered on the same day or on different days
Can I choose the delivery date and delivery time?
It is not possible to determine the Delivery date or a delivery time
Which carrier will my order ship ?
We work with GLS  en DPD
GLS provides in principle on Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00. On weekends there is not delivery. Time of delivery depends on the chosen delivery address .
After each attempt you will be informed by the carrier by a message in the mailbox . GLS can possibly deliver the order at neighbors .
After unsuccessful delivery attempts the GLS hold the order for 10 days onto nearest GLS depot . After 15 days the package will return to Best Sale . Upon receipt of the package, You will need to sign .
Can I contact GLS ?
You can contact GLS , customer number : Tel 02 / 556 62 11 Belgium
Holidays , days when carriers fail to deliver .
The delivery of your order can not take place on Sundays and public holidays . Holidays on which the customer is not open and the carriers do not deliver are : Easter, Pentecost , Christmas , New Year's Day , Ascension and Queen . There may be other local holidays on which there may not work or supplied .
Information .
For a cancellation , change of address or warranty demand for an order you can always contact us at everything will be answered via mail .
We are closed on Sundays and holidays.
We will always do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible